25 April 2011

nearly forgotten drawings from Paris...

from a memory sparked by Mark's reminder that photos aren't always the only option.

20 April 2011


jak & Jil

Bee Tattoo!

15 April 2011

Films: Breif Interviews with Hideous Men, John Krazinsky (2009)

Stunning film.
Makes me rethink my whole "dating for security"
nonsense that I tend to feed myself. In particular
the monologues in which the guys discuss being able
to remove the humanity of people in order to achieve
their objectives be they a one night stand or murder.

07 April 2011


Two new drawings that began as
a solid piece, evolved into a
dyptich that has a tendency to
wander away from itself.

Inspired by my too brief but
highly motivational trip to
Brooklyn to catch the opening
of Richard Haines' exhibition
at Norte Maar. I saw white
paint on brown paper again
with a dazzled new set of eyes.

He also reintroduced me to
colour in moderation.
Which is still to come as
I have been a bit busy.

I hope you all like the new stuff.

ink, gouache and watercolour on BFK (22.25x16.5")

ink, gouache and watercolour on BFK (22.25x13.5")

Featured Artist: Django Reinhardt

06 April 2011

in progress