30 November 2008

25 November 2008


She came. I saw. And yes, by God, she conquered.

My only regret is that I did not bring my digicam for fear it would be nabbed by security, only to get there and see nearly everyone with their digicam and security politely looking the other way.

Also, Gay Twin Lover syndrome is very high in Atlanta.
(this is where guys only date guys that look like themselves. Creepy!)

20 November 2008

The cat came back the very next day...

I have this relationship with my wallet were I lose it and it comes back to me only when I've canceled all of my cards.
The last time this happened I was evacuating for hurricane Gustav. This time it comes on the eve of my trip to Atlanta.
I thought perhaps I left it at a hardware store while I was out running errands. It was neither in the truck nor the scene
shop. This was Tuesday, the night of the opening of the play, and I was running around like mad from 9am until at around seven, when I noticed the wallet gone. Today however, there it was in my supplies drawer on the second floor.

Which I never once visited that day.

This is how sketchy my program is.

I found this little gem of wisdom at Le Bible
"In 1996, a PETA member served Anna a dead racoon on a plate while she was dining at The Four Seasons restaurant. Wintour covered her plate with a napkin, and ordered coffee. The most violent act was when they smacked her in the face with a tofu pie at Paris Fashion Week. Anna Wintour does not respond to the acts. She realizes that it comes with the territory.

I think this is the way that one should treat criticism. Accept it, but don't react to negative attacks. We at Le Bible will follow the Wintour edict, and think that you can't go wrong with following Anna Wintour. I can't wait to be served my first dead animal by PETA."

How many coffee's does a boy have to order before he starts to serve some raccoon of his own?

09 November 2008

This kid has his poop together.

Viva monochromatic dressing!

08 November 2008

A little preoccupied...

with tech-weeks for two back to back show openings. Will return soon-ish.

04 November 2008

It's happened.

Now let's see how it goes.