16 September 2011

Nothing But Show

Brief glances caught of the outside world while out collecting
odds and ends for this round of shows. Before the onset of post
Labor Day chill crept into the NYC air, making shorts and A/C
units disappear by the hundreds.

These shows are lovely though, and quite different from
each other although oddly linked.

LEMON SKY is an autobiographical-ish play by the recently late Lanford Wilson,
and the first of his plays to be produced since his death. It deals with his
experiences living with his estranged father and step family in San Diego in
the 1950's. A sort of fever dream coming out story where you are never sure
when the characters are talking to you or each other as the premise is he has
gathered these actors together in order to present the goings on of his past.

Bill Clark's amazingly minimal set.
Shopping Mid-Century with a 1100$ budget was anything but simple.

My hands still hurt from webbing these damn chairs, which was
necessary as you I couldn't find them anywhere for a reasonable price.
So of course we made them.

Play It Cool is also set in 1950's California but in Hollywood. This is the
story of Mary, a butch lesbian bar owner trying to keep her lady from running
off with MGM while keeping her bar open by paying off the cops. All set to
stunning jazz arrangements. I'm not usually one for musicals, but this one
is truly great, and the company and crew are fantastic to work with.

Tom Walsh's amazing bi-level set.
Can you believe this is in the same space as
The Shoemaker & The Pretty Trap?
(see previous post)