27 August 2011

Showing the Work

Installation of The Pretty Trap.

Shelving unit for The Shoemaker.

The Shoemaker, as seen from the operations booth.

Wallpapering for The Pretty Trap.

The Shoemaker set behind the set of The Pretty Trap, which was disassembled
weekly during Shoemaker performances and stored behind that set.

Assembled Props waiting to be placed for The Pretty Trap.

The finished set, complete with actors.

Rex Reed telling stories about Tennessee Williams and New Orleans
on the opening night of the Pretty Trap, which is one of two rough
drafts of Mr. Williams' The Glass Menagerie, at The Acorn Theatre.

08 August 2011

Now Reading

When I'm not working I like to....

Back in June, my friend Ginger came to visit
from Philadelphia. Just released from police
custody are these photos from the result.

More McQueen
Metropolitan Museum
Central Park East

(warning on another long photo filled post)

Death & Co.
Lower East Side, NYC


Truffled Mac & Cheese served on lovely bent spoons.


They were obnoxious but made for a great photo.



Broadway Bares XXI
Hell's Kitchen, NYC

and more sauced.