21 February 2010

I've been busy

Busy as in 13 hour days for about a week non-stop.
Thankfully our theatre is in a church, thus we are forced to have a sunday morning off.
Anyway, this is some of what I've been up late doing. It's quite a violent second act, very bad things happen to a lot of people. However, the first act set is entirely composed of draped hot pink satin.

13 February 2010

Can't stop falling Ill

Having to hike through the snow filled city might have had something to do with it.
I did have poutine at Pomme Frites today though. And found some killer antique shops in the area as well.It almost made carrying five pounds of sand six blocks okay.

11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen

Such sad news to hear upon waking up. He was a constant inspiration and a great source of encouragement to follow ones own path. I shall miss him dearly.

09 February 2010

recent events

Child mannequins at a freezing warehouse in Queens

Lady bunny spinning at Providence.

The closest full moon to earth and the Chrysler building.

Severed gorgon heads at the Met.

...word still to come. I'm working on it.

07 February 2010

Who Dat!

The Saints win their first ever Superbowl and I'm stuck in NYC.

On the bright side maybe Jeremy Shockey will finally cut his hair.

02 February 2010

Kate Moss

enough said