31 May 2010

21 May 2010

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

I certainly do.
Although I know I have to leave,
it never is an easy parting.

It is made easier knowing I have a place here.
And can return when ever I have to.

Highlights from this particular adventure:

Leah at the Millies awards ceremony

Misdirected Turtle

Audubon Park

Last night as Grad Students at the Columns Hotel

Night and Day in the Vieux Carre
Lance at the Copper Monkey, Conti Street

Lower Decatur street

Bourbon Street at 5am

Clover Grill, best very early morning breakfast

Rue Royal Court House

Mum on Jackson Square

An evening with Todd & Samantha.
Wine at Bacchanal followed by more wine and crawfish in their gorgeous house.

Inside the Pine-Cohn house.

The downstairs neighbour and his odd mini-cow like dogs.

19 May 2010

18 May 2010

Graduated Cylinder

So, it appears that I have completed the mission
I set out upon three years ago when I started this
blog. I am now a Master of Fine Art.

I suppose now I get started on Volume Two of this life.

Ceremony 1:
Graduate and Doctorate Hooding Ceremony, Dixon Hall at Tulane

The "holding area"

Ma mere et moi


Theatre Graduate brunch at Court of Two Sisters in the Vieux Carré


Wave Goodbye Party on Tulane's Academic Quad, Uptown Campus

Ceremony 2:

The Unified Tulane Comencement at the Louisiana Superdome

It began with a bit of Jazz and a Scottish march.
Speeches were given commending us on choosing to attend
a school not yet entirely recovered from one of the largest
disasters in US history. Anderson Cooper spoke and was
quite funny, instructing graduates to hookup as this was
the last time we'd see each other. The US Surgeon General
was honored and a Jazz singer sang "Do you know what it means",
inciting tears.

04 May 2010

02 May 2010

May came so incredibly quickly. I suppose that happens when your days blow by like
discarded newspaper. Well, I survived She Loves Me at The Westport Country Playhouse's and White's Lies at New World, so go see them if you wish, I for one have seen enough of them. My weekend was spent either sleeping or skulking about the city in search of things with which to occupy myself until the fifth when I fly back to New Orleans to be pronounced the recipient of a masters degree in theatre; sentencing me to a life forever lived in dark rooms and at the whims of high maintenance and uppity people. But hey, it pays. And now that I live in New York, I need to get paid often.

recent events:

Westport, Conn.

Finally got to draw again, even if it was in chalk.

Paulo's Birthday at Amalia

Tulips in Abingdon Square

Laundry in Astoria

Pho in Flushing, after Ashley and I risked our lives by trusting GPS to tell us how to get there. All for a little food with flavour!

Spotted this fantastic creature in the village.