28 September 2010

in limbo

So yeah, I awoke to this earlier this week.
Tomorrow Hubert the Macbook goes to get a new hard drive.
The day after that I hopefully will not be subjected
to the oddity that is my room mates PC.

22 September 2010


I am jumping on the Jackson bandwagon.

...either that or Brad "Rasinface" Gorski (as seen by Terry Richardson.)

20 September 2010

Featured Artist: Florence & the Machine

Excitement Please

My drive has driven off.
I need to get excited.
I need the kind of excitement that Ponyo gets when she's around Ham.

19 September 2010

slight and gorgeous

This weekend was all comfort food and thrift shopping for shows.
Including My Mothers Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding.
Which includes songs about not needing a penis,
and advising not taking your lesbian moms to hooters.

Pan seared lamb shoulders & haricots.

Bacon & Egg sandwich with grape tomatoes.

Gratin du Gruyere.

Scenes from the thrift shop here in Astoria where I was
visually accosted when the attendant of said shop dropped his trousers.
Not knowing what to do I meekly excused my self past his trouserless self.
Sadly, I had to hang around the shop for a bit while I waited for my director
to approve photos of items to purchase. I sought refuge behind a pack of grannies
who wandered into the shop.

13 September 2010

not dead, just preoccupied

recent events

Free Cheeseburgers and Nouveau Old Timey Music at Marci Park in Brooklyn

Started dabbling in watercolours

Found a place to keep grapefruit

03 September 2010

Nouvelles Dessisns

in progress...