19 September 2010

slight and gorgeous

This weekend was all comfort food and thrift shopping for shows.
Including My Mothers Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding.
Which includes songs about not needing a penis,
and advising not taking your lesbian moms to hooters.

Pan seared lamb shoulders & haricots.

Bacon & Egg sandwich with grape tomatoes.

Gratin du Gruyere.

Scenes from the thrift shop here in Astoria where I was
visually accosted when the attendant of said shop dropped his trousers.
Not knowing what to do I meekly excused my self past his trouserless self.
Sadly, I had to hang around the shop for a bit while I waited for my director
to approve photos of items to purchase. I sought refuge behind a pack of grannies
who wandered into the shop.


jason said...

Goodness...even your thrift stores are cooler up there!
Ok, off to search for a recipe for that gratin du gruyere

ricola said...

you need:
6 large potatoes
a good block of Gruyere
a fair amount of parmesan
an onion or a couple of shallots
a bit of oil
some herbs ( I like parsley and thyme)
a carton of heavy cream
a good amount of butter

peel and slice the potatoes into rounds, nice even sized rounds. Not too thick. In a pan heat the oil & a bit of butter and add in onion until translucent. Add potatoes. Add enough water to cover and let simmer until potatoes are almost soft. maybe 15 minutes. Drain. return to pan and add herbs in.
In a deep casserole dish begin layering potato mixture and cheeses until all are in. Pour in heavy cream over the top. as a bit more cheese. Bake at 400 until cream thickens severely. Let cool. Gain 6 pounds.

men men mendez said...

oh my thats an amazing thrift... I live near astoria and I cant believe I havent found it! whats the name of it? I must go!

ricola said...

It is the Second Best shop at 31st and Astoria Blvd.

jason said...

mmm....a carton of heavy creme sounds like music to my ears.
writing this down now....