24 July 2008

The Buisness we call Show

In two weeks I've managed to pull a fairly cohesive show together.
(is anyone sick of hearing cohesive also? Thanks project runway.)
It all started with a phone call telling me that I was expected at
read through for a new play and that the actors would be available
for measurements. This was news to me. As far as I knew I had my
two jobs for the summer. So I went and read along about a group
of people who get stuck inside of book and have to answer a rather
wordy riddle in order to escape.
I kinda not so secretly hate theatre, but I like this one.
Apart for way too much $4.20 a gallon driving and shopping in Jefferson
Parish (which is like going to the Bronx for someone who never leaves
Chelsea. Not that I'd live in Chelsea.) I kinda finally got to design
some costumes. Yes, some shoes did not fit and there have been way too
many issues surrounding two pairs of trousers. I did get to make a
red calfskin cape and cover a tweed corset in antique lace. So it was cool.

I've fallen through a hole

I should be doing work like this. Instead I'm doing other things. Mostly not drawing. Actually I am drawing, but it's more of a repetitive,oddly theraputic, trance inducing transcription of maps.

15 July 2008

Favourite Things

a - apples, Braeburn and Empire
b - books, fiction

c- cricketers on Newcomb Quad on Sunday afternoons
d - Drinks, Tequilla Madras or Stoli Orange with Sprite and lime
e - Eavesdropping

f - Films, French new wave
g - Ginger Snaps
h - HP printers
i - Iced Coffee
j - jam, fig and blackberry
k- Karl Lagerfeld
l - light, natural and incandescent
m - movies, action
n - narration
o -orange juice
p - Prada
q - quiet
r - Resolutions
t - Tea, Darjeeling, Prince of Wales
u - Umbrellas
v -velvet trousers
w -Wine, Cabernet
x - xeriscaping

y - Yellow
z - ...?

10 July 2008

Featured Artist: Chromatics

I don't have a mouse...

...so the Orange took what he had to work with.

Yes that is my MacBook power cord. No it is not pluged into the Mac. It's in the O's mouth. Well....half of it is.

The loss of 85$ and a trip to Best Buy in Kenner are soon to follow

08 July 2008

Comfort Food

New Mexican Taco Salad with a Faux-garita (Lemonade and Johnny Red)

Home Office

07 July 2008

Harbinger of Doom?

I knew things would get odd and complex when I saw the guy across the street mowing his lawn. Not just mowing his lawn, mowing it with a weed wacker. All of it. While wearing tiny running shorts and a sweater around his shoulders.

Things making my throat a little dry:

- I am costuming a play written by the junior theatre history professor at Tulane.
-I'm still Illustrating the huge book that is part of the PhD of the senior theatre history professor at Tulane
-I've been told that I am being looked at to costume one of the first plays of the season at Southern Repertory Theatre.
-I am due to start work on my first realized set design for the son of a fantastic woman, whom I respect and admire greatly.
-I have found myself in the odd position of being involved with two people (sort of) after being with no one for so long.
-I'm trying so hard not to let my self destructive behaviour take over and ruin possibly fantastic friendships, if not relationships,
as it is so fond of doing.
-I'm being paid WAY too little for the amount of work I am doing.

All these things sold separately are easily managed. I seem to have gotten the big kids meal pandora's box though.
what can I do but try to stay the course.

Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.