21 March 2016

Capable, Completely & Clearly

I was lucky enough to come into some high quality leathers recently. Teaching yourself how to fabricate in this medium is incredible. Everything is hand done as my machine is having none of it. The tiny hand set holes that the stitches lace through, the mystery braid handles, all done by hand tools. And I try to get mostly single piece cuts. Next up: Tattooed suede wallets.

17 March 2016

Shifting Slightly Sideways

Around the time I drifted away from this journal I had just moved to New York from New Orleans. I have since been here for six years and I now am slightly sorry that I was not a better documentarian of those years. I'm still an artist, still working in theatre, and as always still making questionable choices. When I have a bit more I will fill i some holes from the time I've missed. Until then, Recently: 1.

Featured Artist: Massive Attack, Azekel