19 July 2011


Worth getting in home from a meaningless hook up in time for.

No, it really is amazing. Of course.

15 July 2011

Where I've been...

Shopping for shows.
Endlessly Shopping. For shows.

What is the big deal with gramophones and
shows recently?! Yes, I can find you a
gramophone but you will not want to pay for
the type of gramophone you are wanting.

Show #1.

Stunning. 20 foot projection screens, puppetry, solid writing.
When it says it's like watching a film onstage it is telling the truth.
It rehearsed here in NYC, came from Japan, and is in crates ready to be
sent to Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Show #2.

The Shoemaker, by Susan Charlotte.

This one is now in previews, sold out previews at that. Not surprisingly
everyone loves Mr. Aiello. The stage managers have to come close to
physically removing people from the theatre after the show's talk backs
as he will talk for hours if you let him.

BTW, recreating a Shoe menders shop on stage is no easy task. Especially when
it has a whole other set hiding behind it. Which would be ...

Show #3.

Tennesee Williams' The Pretty Trap. An alternate version of The Glass Menagerie.
Choc full of antique furniture, real wallpaper and lots and lots of flame
retardant spray. This one opens next month and runs in rep with #2. In the
same theatre.

Next up: Production Design for a small film....we'll see how that goes.