27 January 2008

26 January 2008

Drink. Giraffe. Sleep

Laurie took these after my camera decided to die, that's her popping out of the safari truck.

In Pictures.
by Me.

09 January 2008

Damn Banks!

So, I am not able to make the voyage to zanzibar due to my bank wanting to duplicate every transaction I make.

07 January 2008

Cloudless Chocolate House

Tea and bread balls before giraffe hunting

So, I'm here in Africa. Which is surreal. Masai tribes people on the roadside, tiny shacks selling entire sides of goat and cell phone, safari transport 4x4's, its a bit much but I like it none the less. I got here on saturday, after leaving on wednesday, sans my bag which will get here today, monday. My bank is freaking out and charging me multiple times for single transactions and I am a bit of a mosquito magnet.

Nairobi, was calmer than I anticipated. The hostel I stayed at (above) was beside itself due to the number of cancellations by people terrified of getting caught up in the sort of horrid african civil dispute we all see on television. My friend laurie said wen she passed through a day earlier there were police in riot gear.

Crossing the Kenyan/Tanzanian border was an experience. I will know next time to not spend all of my US dollars in Duty Free so as not to be 10 dollars short at Customs for my Visa.

The Giraffes that were hunted.

03 January 2008

Trans-Continental Progression

7pm, Greensboro, North Carolina

11am EST, 7.09 pm in Doha, Qatar.

I have made it thus far. Why do planes stay in the air for 12 hours? Why!
I watched La Vie en Rose, Stardust, and Odette Toutlemonde (which was quite nice).
I ate some unfortunate chicken.
I was only denied access to the toilet once.
I don't remember sleeping, but I must have.
I hope.

I am now in Doha International Airport surrounded by attractive bearded arab guys who scowl at me.
The warmest thing I brought is my Tulane brand hunter green sweatshirt.
This will be my hub for the next 11 hours and 45 minutes.
yeah, I made a frowny face with a semicolon and a closed parenthesis.
yeah I know.