30 October 2009

Fantastic Birthday.

It started with pie.
Then it grew breakfast burritos with roasted chiles from home.
It included using a pneumatic staple gun
and painting a loaf of bread to look like a roast beef.
A 35 minute shower was taken.
Then in to mud for the best 3 hours ever.
(After shots and a drink at a nearby pub)
VooDoo fest.
Justice, Fischerspooner and Eminem.
All unbearably incredible.
Bless the rain that fell during the Justice set.
And Casha for her little gift.
And Knapp for making the most amazing boots.
And me, for living another year despite my best efforts.

Birthday Pie

Liz baked me a birthday apple pie this morning.
And i made us celebratory breakfast burritos.
Tonight, VooDoo Fest. There shall be pictures.

29 October 2009

27 October 2009

Hier (yesterday)

English breakfast tea.
model building.
portfolio editing.
Going out for gin and tonics,
despite vow of non drinking until Saturday.
Trying to appreciate the happiness of couples,
instead of tossing them eye daggers.
trying to be more productive
and less lonely.

22 October 2009

Talking to strangers.

A while ago I wrote about a guy I met while standing on a balcony in the french quarter.
He talked to me about having purpose and fulfilling that purpose, heartset on not letting me continue living as a damaged individual. Since then I've grown into myself even more, needing to rely less and less on my surface and sort of live sitting back into myself. Inside my skin. Well, it happened again. After a night of the questionable behaviour of others (that is all my projection btw) I went for one last drink before heading home and stumbled upon another of these cognizant people. We talked this time about living our lives and discussed ice cream as a metaphor for doing so. He also told me that the reason that people look past me and rarely approach is because I have alot going on and I show it, in otherwords I'm not a one-dimensional entity whose purpose is singular (hook up, drink, fight.) I agreed with him. He demanded I claim my abilities as an artist and stop with the bull shit of why I can't do things and my repressive politesse that keeps me from things I need out of regard for others. This is the very step I need to take in getting "there," looking out for my own interests. It is kind of the way we have to live now.
Self-serve life.

pretty freaking amazing

that is one killer coat.
from The Sartorialist

21 October 2009

20 October 2009


cajun smoked sausage and black figs.
and coffee.

watched intently by the schnoodle.
listening to bhrams on the radio.
happy that the heat is gone and I can wear jackets again.
looking forward to heavy lifting at work today.

18 October 2009

refraining from semi-drunken blogging

It says it all.
That'll do.

12 October 2009

I want to work here.

Lookingglass Theatre, Chicago.

Sending off the internship application soon.
Fingers crossed.

First ever requested blog link

Miss Betty over at The Oh Shit Handle and I have decided to join forces in spreading our gospel of who knows what. An interesting read for sure. Reminds me of when I was young in the 505. Ah, the joys of .....um. Ah, to be free to.....hmmmm. Oh....nope. Well, it had seasons and the best cafes on the Rio Grande.
Miss B is no doubt doing it up proper. After all she is her mother's daughter, and seems to be filling the leopard pumps quite nicely.

09 October 2009

Baloon Fiesta

I miss waking up to cold air, eating breakfast burritos and seeing hundreds of balloons in the sky.

08 October 2009


more proof that sharks are bad.

07 October 2009

Tartuffe Opens

Perhaps I can sleep now.
Who am I kidding.

06 October 2009

Featured Artist: Francoise Hardy

"Quand je me tourne vers mes souvenirs
je revois la maison où j'ai grandi
ils me revient des tas de choses
je vois des roses dans un jardin
là où vivaient des arbres, maintenant la ville est là
et la maison, les fleurs que j'aimais tant, n'existent plus"

home sick.

Films: A Single Man, Tom Ford (2009)

01 October 2009