26 April 2010

15 April 2010


who should I see standing outside the hotel but Tanya Dziahileva,
who is just as stunning in person.

tu est le chant de mon siren

tech rehersal at New World Stages

I'm locked intech rehersal at New World Stage
and am once again too busy for very many words.

One bit of news worth reporting though.
Out of 400+ applicants, I was one of seventy something
chosen to represent the U.S. in an international
Scenographic symposium in Prague next year.

Other than that, I've been hauling buckets
firewood, and all manner of glassware all
over Manhattan. All manner of glassware.

And eating a little more than well at night.

Recent Events:

sunshine in Union Square

Sunset in Soho

dinner with Erin K. @ Freemans with a morining in Soho

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90 proof milkshake shots at Stanton Social for Leah's birthday gorgefest.
Next time, non stop chicken and waffles.

yet another birthday girl

11 April 2010

Voluntary Madness

My life has exploded.
I am working three shows at once.
Props. Since when do I do props?
Since coming to New York.
White's Lies at New World Stages,
Gabriel at The Atlantic Theatre,
& something period up in Connecticut.

Three weeks of nonstop shopping,
on foot, in trains, in cabs.

And alot of hot glue.

Recent events, spring arrived. Radiant with pollen.

bradford pear blossoms on 49th street

alfresco dining

shorts are back


steam halo

giant pillow fight in Union Square Park

01 April 2010