30 March 2010

evenements recents

Dimache-hier etait le 32eme anniversaire de mon belle amie Andrea.

On prenait du brunch a Park Cafe sur 10th street.

c'est belle,ouais?

a-t-elle peur de couleur? pas de tout.

beau-coup d'Orange


j'ai trouvait le plus beau salle de mecs sur l'isle.

apres, j'ai bu avec des ours a Rockbar.

27 March 2010

Chromium Polynicotinate

After a mess of unsolicited resume distribution and unreturned phone calls I managed to be offered two more jobs here in the city. Short term jobs, it is theatre afterall. Still, two jobs to help pad the coffers of summer, a time I am dreading. Not only because of the heat but also because of the heat of impending repayment. Aunt Sally may break my legs.
On the bright side it looks like i will be staying on in NYC for the summer and possibly into fall. I've managed to make a few great friends and reconnect with others since I last typed actual paragraphs on this thing. In fact I've found out that I know not one but two people employed by Gossip Girl. Go figure. Another, with whom I worked as a severely underpaid intern in Orlando now works for Lincoln Center. And someone else from that group is now a lawyer in the city who is also producing her own movies. By far the most wonderful has been reconnecting with my best friend from high school, who is now engaged and freelancing web design. Looking around at all of them and their varried successes I think it's time to break the education addiction and try to build a life that can support my long slow climb out of debt. Hopefully the jobs keep coming. I'm not stopping the flow of unsolicited resumes just in case.

recent events:

Home Office

The lovely coffee house in Bushwick where I had coffee with Richard H.

Hot Toddies at Pangea in the Bowery while waiting to see The Incredible Mr. Fox.

The Mitzvah Tank in Hells Kitchen

Spring arrives in Central Park

On the way to Alice in Wonderland in Kips Bay.

24 March 2010

22 March 2010

Films: The Fantasitc Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson (2009)

He reminds me of a guy I fell for. seriously. chicken stealing and all.

20 March 2010

Illistrated Crush

even I'm a little weirded out by this one

19 March 2010

Il etait froid a Nouvelle Orleans

Souvenirs of New Orleans

a cold little crow

Tulanes university center

Dilapidation as art in the Marigny

Dark & Stormies

St. Joe's Bar

15 March 2010

Flying to New Orleans

In search of warmth, sun, friends, gumbo and 2$ gin & tonics that I can take outside.
Delivering the draft of my thesis, getting fitted for my graduate hood and robe.
Contemplating why I left and why it's probably for the best for me not to rush back.
Buying apple Hubig pies for Ashley, because she's awesome.

03 March 2010

there will be blood

The Duchess of Malfi is open, and it is a festival of blood.
Three different formulas of stage blood, including baby and mouth.
Around 12 different devices for delivering blood effects, including a canon.

And this unfortunate guy.

Combat weapons, gun shots, a credit for Violence in the program.

Fantastic Scotch served up after our insane two week tech.

Earl Grey & PB& J from Amy's provide further comfort from all the gore.