31 March 2011

Bientôt ce sera été

I can't wait.

image found by Monsieur Chanterelle

30 March 2011

Recent Interests & Daydreams

I've been sucked back into the theatre vortex.
Two shows open, one attempting to stand.

Some things that have caught my eye:

This pencil case.

This incredible map.

This guy.

This film.

This braid.

This band. And this guy.

These shoes.

This cartoon.

This Razor.
Influenced with my obsessive reading of Civil War period fiction
which was kicked off by Gone With The Wind.

And the young Arnold Palmer, for very good reason.

23 March 2011

Another Pilot Down

Goodnight, Ms. Taylor.

22 March 2011

11 March 2011

a little reminder

about the fragility of life,
the force of nature,
and much needed perspective on
my place in all of it.

All my best to all those affected in Japan
and elsewhere.