29 August 2007

Oh yes, you will be mine.

The Hermès Cape Cod Double Tour.
One day....One Day....My Precious.
(ok that was a tad creepy)

28 August 2007

Slight Precarious Realisation

Every so often the sky breaks apart and the devine intervenes and something unexpected and spectacular happens.
Two such events have happened today. One being rain, which makes the "air" turn into this wonderful blanket of warmth.
It was a littlehorrifyingly torrential though. Like water being poured overhead rather than drops. The second was my meeting G..
G. is an amazing local boy. One of the most spectacular personalities I have ever met. Deeply rooted in his Southern Methodist tradition and yet amazingly versitle in his sense of candor and expression. You see him, his being, and you get an abslolutly stunning and dissarming visual. And then you talk to him and it doubles, because even though he is telling you about God, and the church, he is doing it so genuinely and with no expectation of you to feel the same exact way. He restored a bit of faith in religion for me, the way that B. did for education. We had coffee and just excahnged stories, mostly of how we are aware of our spiritual natures. I did tell him that it was Madonna who woke me up to "the bigger picture." And he was ok with that.
How many fingers can I cross? All of them. And my toes.

26 August 2007

hurricanes hardly happen

Entering Week 2.
"air" not so oppressive today. Kinda nice....-ish

I have reached that point in my stay that I realize I have no idea where 1) a grocer is, 2) where a drugstore is and 3) where I can getta decent glass or 6 of some quality Cabernet. I did see some attractive possibilities on Magazine street the other night, but we'll see more when I get Will's car. (Will being my Marine brother who is kind enough to lend me his car during his .....internment?) The closest grocer I have found is Whole Foods, also on Magazine, but I will have to take a taxi. While I can be one for some decadent luxe living....this is not the time. However, continuing to subsist on takeaway pizza and einstein bagels is becoming less and less an option.

24 August 2007

They really do make cases for everything

Pour des preservatifs, courtoisie d'Hermès

Didactic temperate imapatience

Day 5 in New Orleans.
Adjusting at last to the "air". It works out best if I stay inside between the hours of 10am and 6pm.
Thank God the library is kick ass.

Drew a bit this morning, considering starting a drawing of the day post to help motivate daily drawing.
We will see how this plays out. Finally met the phantom roomate, a big burly guy we shall call Mr. Brown.
Since comming out of hiding he has been a great source of information about the area, the city in general,
and a little bit of New Orleans History. Although he did go a bit far in telling me that the far corner of the street
may just be a favourite crack vending corner. I love my block more and more everyday.

On a slightly happier front, I have tenativly befriended a couple of fellows, M. & B..
M. is a North Carolinian fellow Tulanian studying Law (also know as the way of the avocado to us french speakers).
A nice burly cub of a guy. He gave me a ride home last evening, saving me from further exposure to the "air", but ominously responded with a "we'll see" when asked if I would indeed see him again. Fingers crossed.
B. is from Florida. A very motivated young lad with the goal of opening a KIPP school (www.kipp.org) here in New Orleans, of which he will be Principal. We had dinner at an oddly charming restauraunt called, no joke, Nacho Mamas on Magazine Street.
I've never before had a chocolate mole, but perhaps I will again. One day. Anyway, dinner went well, conversation was great with only a few awkward moments of silence. Sadly poor B. is being shipped off to the peanit fields of North Carolina (Why do I have such boundless ties to that state?) to shaddow, and thus become a principal. For a month. Will attempt to text him, if he gets a signal.

Featured Artist: Daft Punk

21 August 2007

My second day in New Orleans is proving to be.....drenched. I have never sweat more in my life. Dear God. The air here is this horrible superconductor of heat. The warmth of the sunlight, yeah there is a difference, is acctually enjoyable compared to the life leeching problem I like to call the "air".

Tulane. Grand, Olde, Aloof. Like me! Met my chair, got my funding ironed out, found the electronically woeful book store that stocks all my favourite magazines. Have not talked to anyone yet, as everyone seems to know everyone else. What can I say, I love my shell. That and no onle likes talking to a sweaty person, which when I step into the "air" I become. Instantly.

My house. The house I live in is Ok, it has a phantom housemate with a stomach virus whom I've only seen once. It's 1 block over from the neigborhoods I should've been living in. (note to all, when renting online, always ask for photos of the neighborhood). Cozily situated between two cemetaries, and having absolutly no furniture.
repeat, NO furniture. I think I may be over minimalsm.