11 December 2007

Where I am.

In the midst of doing too much before saturday.

List of projects:
1. Drafting a Cantilevered Platform
2. Completing 2 sets of finished renderings of Costume Designs for Prometheus Bound and The Tempest
3. Completing revised ground plans for above shows.
4. Completing finished architectural models of above shows.
5. Attempting to learn all about medieval and elizabethan/italian renaissance theatrical history by thursday morning
6. Attempting to find a subject to write ten pages of reportage about for an unspecified "because your a gradstudent" paper.
7. Figuring out where I am going for x-mas
8. remembering to pick up my malaria tabs and yellow fever vaccination from student Health for entry into Tanzania
9. Preparing 6 new drawings for exhibition in Tanzania in January.
10. Trying to remember to blink.

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