28 August 2008

Away from the Wind.

So, After moving at breakneck pace for the entire summer. Physically moving apartments in 2 hours in torturous heat on monday, and two whirlwind days of classes, I am being asked to leave town. Made to leave town.

I just got settled.

Everything was unpacked, I was riding the mini bike to school everyday. All two of them.
I started walking down to the Community Coffee house on Magazine in the evenings to read and map.
And I have to pack up what ever is dearest to me and make for somewhere called Temple, Texas.

And that is another thing...how on earth do you fit all the important things into one suitcase? Carpooling = 1 suitcase)
I sat here for hours this afternoon trying to think of what to take.
Some clothes. Identity Papers. Mapping supplies, Mac.

I am too exhausted to think.
At 8am, I will be headed to Texas. I already miss my place. Cross your fingers that it's still here on Thursday.


bakingwithplath said...

i'm so sorry; I hope everything is alright.

designerman said...

wow. that looks so intense. seems like it wasn't as bad as expected. hope all is well.

(the views from your apt. look so beautiful)

Anonymous said...

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