04 September 2008

I'm still here (clap, clap, clap) Deep in the heart of Texas.

Still sitting and waiting in Temple for New Orleans to get it's act together.

Last I hear my apartment is with power, but that the generators for the city are still not providing power to the city sewer system.
I had the opportunity to go home today, but opted not to for fear of not being able to flush.

The Great Texan Vacation continues in the quite well maintained little enclave I am in.
The orange is finding solace in the abundance of basin-esque birdbaths, the weather is
clear and sunny and not overloaded with boiling water molecules.

I've also never eaten so much in my life. Our days are pretty much spent reading updates and snacking leading up to a
gigantic Texan meal sometime between 4 and 9. Last night was steak, tonight I've been full of a gigantic cheeseburger whose picture I am debating weather or not to post due to it's obscene hugeness. You can judge by the onion rings.

I managed to find myself in Waco, where I bought an Augusten Burroughs anthology from an adorable young man in fantastic trousers at Barnes & Nobel. I failed to see any nut jobs though (apart from the highway system that is).

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