15 September 2008

I've been drawing again.

So I'm in rendering class again. A bit slow, but quite good, as my life drawing skills are being woken up again.
These I did this weekend. The assignment was to draw from magazine images. The fellow below is a little out of proportion...but I think I did fairly well.

This one I did thirty minutes before class as i thought they were due tomorrow. I am still recovering from the loss of days from Gustav.

These are from the life drawing segment, which was conducted in ball-point pens today.


designerman said...

hi ricola:

i left you a comment in response to your on my blog. hope you are well and staying put for a while.

bakingwithplath said...

You're such a talented artist!!


Hi, I'm in Richard Haines(designerman) 'blog support'...would love to post your artwork one day... Hope to see more of your drawings posted!
Feel free to drop by ok

Blessings* to your return home!

designerman said...

your drawing of the guy with the overcoat and scarf is perfection!!