04 December 2008

I wasn't tagged but I'm doing it anyway...

just because I like answering questions....in writing. I blame BWP.

10 years ago:
I was majoring in drawing. Discovering the benefits of having a credit card, and wandering around Brooklyn drunk and lost on Halloween.
8 years ago:
I was living in Philidelphia, working as an assistant to some costume designers and going to the gym nearly every day. And reading alot. I was a little lonely.

6 years ago:
My Gran died suddenly prompting me to abandon my life as an assistant and move back to Albuquerque to get my second BFA in drawing and painting. It was one of my happiest years ever.

2 years ago:
I moved to New Orleans to get my MFA in Costume Design while wondering how I got sucked into theatre again.

Five yummy things:
1. Bacon
2. Tangawizi Ginger Ale, which is only sold in Africa.
3. Peanut butter bacon burgers
4. Porterhouses
5. Apples and almond butter

Five songs I know by heart:
1. Ne Me Quitte Pas by Jacques Brel
2. Venus as a boy by Bjork
3. Sous le ciel de Paris by Juliette Greco
4. Crazy on you by Heart
5. Little Bit, by Lykke Li

Five places I would like to escape to:
1. Paris, France
2. Sardinia
3. Buenos Aires, Argentina
4. The Seychelles
5. The Pacific Northwest, I've never been.

Five things I would never wear:
2. white socks
3. Cable knit sweaters
4. Denim jackets
5. Motorcycle boots

Five favorite TV shows:
1. Sesame Street
2. Pushing Dasies
3. Charlie Rose
4. Fashion Television
5. The Bernie Mac Show

Five things I enjoy doing:
1. Drawing
3. Dancing
4. Traveling
5. Wishing, Hoping and Praying I will be his.

Five Favorite toys:
1. Prismacolour Drawing supplies
2. BFK papers
3. Photoshop
4. Mitre Saws
5. Paint

Five people who I am tagging to fill this out:

I don't really know anyone that would do it. I think.

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