16 January 2009

it's all over...

...but seems to flow around me.

I'm open. I'm willing.I'm ready and still quite alone.
All of my friends are couples. When I go out I'm surrounded.
When I see a movie, there it is. I ride the trolly to school daily with at least three
awe struck couples dreaming of lives lived on the avenue.

I know if you look for it, it won't come. I know it finds you but I just want the sensation of
another physical presence next to me. I understad the rule of needing to give in order to recive,
but what do you do when ou cant find reception?

I get the "you're cute but the wrong colour" thing often. From all sides. And I'm multiethnic.

What do I do with that?


cassaundra said...

i haven't got much advice to give

except to say that you're strange

and you're beautiful.

don't give up :-)

Arusha said...

this is what you do: you imagine all those star-struck couples as they will be in a few months- bitter and complacent. it will come for you, love, because you are a genuine person, and i think that genuine people have a harder time finding this stuff than your average, run-of-the mill, conforming, change-my-personality-for-every-cute-boy-i-meet type of person. so, find things and places you love, until you find a person you love.
or something like that.

ricola said...

Thank you. The both of you.