09 January 2009

Caroline of the North, in Exile

I am looking forward to getting back to NOLA. Tomorrow morning at 6am I will be on board the plane.
Alot of signs have popped up telling me that although I love that town, it's not really where I am meant to stay.
At least for now. But signs change you know. The future is infinitely maleable, things change, I change.
One day at a time. No expectations. I think I'd like to introduce myself to Dennis' Donald, he seems like a
great guy and if I wait for Dennis to do it I might die from the wait. What do I have to loose? I mean, Really.

I'm reading Camus again. And getting through most of the articles in all the old style mags I have stashed here at mums.
She has also gotten into it and is now a fan of Esquire.

I've developed a small crush on Cinnabon. All those times I passed it up in airports thinking that it was way too sweet and
a little hokey. I was wrong. It's a little ray of light. Sticky, nut covered light.

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