10 January 2009

....so why bees?

I've gotten a few questions as to why I chose to get the tattoo I have, so I will try to tell as much as I can.

The Bees:
For a few years now I have been making drawings, narrative figure drawings, of interactions between various characters.
Not wanting to rely solely on facial expression and body language, and not wanting to add thought bubbles, I developed
a series of visual symbols. This is where the bees came from, as representations of knowledge, learning, and awareness.
In a drawing where someone is eating a bee they are taking in some sort of information.

The Words:
Rien Trouvé (nothing found) on the right. Rien Perdu (nothing lost) on the left (as a Mirror)

Early this winter I had a couple of awakenings. The first was realizing I had found love after loosing it, a bit rough on the
scale of wake-up calls. And a text my Mum gave me to read that resounded with some close held methods for living that
I wasn't using to my full capability. Until now. A light has gone on, I understand how I need to live with a ton more clarity.
The words, although they sound like downers and odd at first, are reminders that this physical world I live in, is not what makes me. I was born an undying entity in a body that is temporal. What I find here, I eventually have to leave here because
it's not really mine at all. It's like a rented existence, I can amass all I want, and still not find anything if I can't enjoy it to it's fullest.

In short, they remind me to be happy in all I do. Or at least to try. To try to be aware of each moment I have here and to avoid making past mistakes with out dwelling on them.

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