19 February 2009

25 Random Things

Facebook is apparently unsafe for posting, so I'll tuck this away here. (gotta love my logic, right?)
Anyway, 5 people have sent this to me, which is the magic number for getting me to do anything.
Unless you're trying to get me to be your boyfriend, then it's more like 6.

so here goes. (Ellen just told me it does not have to be anything of particular interest)

1. I think 65 degrees fahrenheit is cold.

2. I just bought an antique persian rug that is a little stinky.

3. I almost never wear socks in the summer

4. I get massive colds at least twice every winter.

5. Despite my random knowledge about fashion, it's more of an interest rather than a modality.

6. I like getting dirty.

7. This week I've pretty much eaten only cheese bugers and pizza.

8. I can't keep a plant alive to save my life. I kill ivy for gods sake.

9.I find old people adorable.

10. I'm really bad at keeping up communications with loved ones.

11. I had a pet cow as a child.

12. I have english teeth.

13. I make a fantastic hot toddy.

14. I have an incredible creative capacity.

15. I might be capable of falling in love with a girl.

16. I like hairy guys.

17. I have no fear of dying.

18. I think I fear living instead, but I'm working on that.

19. I am a cat person.

20. I let things go too quickly.

21. I won't go into the sea for fear of being eaten by sharks.

22. I think the frat-tastic combination of flip flops, polo shirts, and bascketball shorts is super hot.

23. I love my family dearly.

24. I don't have many friends, but those I do keep close I will have forever.

25. I severely under rate myself.


Paul Pincus said...

i love that you had a pet cow and have english teeth! ... i wish i had a pet cow!!!

Paul Pincus said...

ps love your new header