03 February 2009

I'm feeling good this morning.

Despite waking up with a sore throat.
I feel functional. Maybe it's the tea. We discovered yesterday that the twinnings in the tin was in fact decaf, so that was changed
by the end of the day. I like how tea is a little smoother than coffee but can make me just as aggitated if I drink too much. And Sucre now carries Harney & Sons teas, which are a little bit of liquid heaven. Now if a magic little magazine stand would appear in the neighborhood I'd be set to never leave uptown again.
Fresh baked bread and happiness go hand in hand I think. I walked down to whole foods this morning and bought one of their ninety-nine cent french loaves just out of the oven. I ate it sitting on my bed in sunlight with honey and butter. Well, not all of it as it's as big as my head, but a decent chunk. I may sleep on a couple of stowed away crumbs tonight, but it was worth it.

Tea + Bread (not having class until noon) = a smile and a lack of words.


Rara said...

great post. hot pic. :)

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Mira Maulia said...

the pic's hot ;)

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