26 February 2009

Finally, some words.

Anonymity has been on my mind recently.

I'd like to go back to being unknown by a lot of people. You know how there are those
people who you just can't seem to leave behind. You think you are safe and then their
fin surfaces again and again, cutting through your calm blue ocean with all kinds of thoughts
and memories that you'd rather not think about for reasons you'd rather not remember.
I could do with some erasure of memory these days.

Work is in full force as we launch a new production by a visiting pair of directors from
South Africa. I've done everything from making paint out of water and flour, stretching
reflective film over painting pars, buying feathers by the pound and making giant screens.
The show will be stunning.

Mardi Gras was a little bit of a blur. I was mostly at work, but managed to squeeze in a
few TGV's (tequilla/gin/vodka with sprite and lime) and managed to make out with a
rugby player. It was nice to see the crowds in the city. Not so much their trash, dear god
having a trash flash back. So many crawfish heads in the grass. I like being in crowds though,
it goes back to that thing about being anonymous, you just kinda disappear.

I used to hide in clothes racks when I was small. Surrounded by coats, or dresses. It drove
my mom so mad that she had to make me hold onto the side of the cart after a while.
I still like slinking off to drunken places at all hours of the night. Nursing a drink and
smoking the cigarettes I should never have started smoking a year ago. There is something
calming about being a ghost.

I've started to date a couple of guys. They are sweet, one makes me laugh. One makes
me think about where it is I think I'm going. So far I think we are all distractions for
each other but who knows. I am just looking forward to the next day and letting them
unwrap themselves in their own time and I in mine. I like a nice slow development.

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May Kasahara said...

Oh my god - I loved hiding in the middle of circular clothes racks SOOO MUCCHHHH.

ps. I love your new header.

good luck with the new boys ♥