11 February 2009

Where I am

Kindness still exists in the world. :)

I've been feeling a little under the radar lately.

Not really in the mood for going out, sleeping alot.
Keeping busy with work, which keeps me from thinking about
other things too much. Trying to keep focus and sometimes succeeding.

I keep hearing love songs from the side of the person being sung to.
Which is not the strong empowering side, but rather the "fuck you dumbass'" side.
Alot of songs now have new meanings. I'm readjusting to doing things alone, which
is rough when you are aware of your loneliness in a city where most people have
been friends since birth. I'm still moving forward tough because it's all I can do.

People do seem to be more willing to talk to me now that I'm happier, but no one
seems to have any follow through. I saw coffee shop guy again today, we smiled.
That was about it.


Paul Pincus said...

could sam the koala be more adorable?!

ricola said...

I seriously doubt it. :)