08 March 2009

J'adore mes amis

Encore un fois, je dois dit merci a mes amis.
Sans vous le monde est completement dans le noir.

So the weekend started on a down beat.
Enough said about that. The rest was fantastic. Went new places, Saw some new things..some worth seeing
and others I could've done without...but at the same place, so what could I really do.
The show is down now. On to the next one which involves murals. And projection, which I will be learning
about starting tomorrow.

Good moments, bad moments, all moments of existance which I am glad for.
I can't be happy all the time.
And I don't have to be sad all the time either. I just have to live. It's that simple.
I just have to take what is offered to me, make the best choice at that moment and go from there.
It sounds simple...but that is where the joy comes from. I feel liberated in this weekend.
I have a desire to do, and to live that I had before I came back to school in the spring.
Something I found while I was away, but wilted upon return has bloomed again.

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