20 May 2009

les temps passe

I studied dance when I was small and it still has a physical hold on me.
The stretching was my favourite, followed by the bar. I was horrible
at floor work and never got close to partnering. I remember older
people watching me stretch and making comments about youth and
flexibility, which I can now fully comprehend. I've not had a session
of floor bar in about a year now, which means all the knots and stifness
of graduate study will take at least a week of daily work, coaxing is
not allowed. It is a whole lot of concentrated effort in getting your
muscles to remember what they are capable of besides retaining
tension. Still, I doubt I will ever be able to get back to where these
kids are now. It makes me smile though to know inside, to have a
memory of what it feels like.

[Vaganova School of Ballet]

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