09 June 2009

The Ecstatic Darkness Whispers

June already in New Orleans. Hot is not even an appropriate word.
Busy and poor at the same time. I'd settle for a bit of cash left over
from rent and bills for at least a night out, it seems the universe
as other plans though. Perhaps I'm meant to sell things from a cart
on Jackson square, get a leg up on the business when we revert back
to the barter system.

School torture has ended for now. Although I am saddled with the
daunting task of finding an internship after it was decided that my
quasi-promised deployments in Romania and South Africa weren't
likely going to happen after all. So now I get to learn an architectural
drafting program at the speed of sound and avoid ending up at a
renaissance festival in Topeka. Not that I have anything against either,
just not my choice of poison is all. I'm just saying.

On the half-boyfriend front I'm doing a fantastic job of being available
with out being demanding, and waiting for him to find his steps. We've
discussed our respective past encounters with beasts great and small
and concluded that neither of us is in a place where we need to involve
anyone else in our to-do laundry piles. Still, the relationship grows
as it will, getting closer and easing into things like getting in to a
scalding hot bath, inch by inch. It'll be worth the total relaxation
at the end.

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