16 July 2009

Chopin makes a terrific accompaniment to afternoon thunderstorms

Tea helps as well.

Well, I am still here in New Orleans. Still unemployed and soon to be leaving
for North Carolina. I suppose a change of scenery will do me good. I have
missed running through forests of kudzu and mountain trails on real mountains.
Things have been fairly calm. The end of my theatre season has ended, leaving me
once again knowing more but having been paid less for the privilege. The more
insight I get into the workings of theatre people the less I'd like to be one.
For those of you not in the know it would seem some theatre professionals are
grown up versions of those kids in primary school who loved to play make-believe.
The same ones who wanted to dictate everything in those games of make-believe.
Still as stubborn as ever, and prone to fits and outbursts when their idea is
not lauded or followed to the t. Never mind the institution of the theatre being
at its core a process of development and collaboration. I digress.

Elsewise, the summer has been lovely apart from the heat, which was broken by
the thunderstorm in the post title. I've managed to draw a bit more, re working
old themes and concepts from a few years back.My skill as a mark maker has
increased considerably, although I need to be aware of slipping into a tired
and mannered style. Hoping to get some work designing posters for music festivals
so B dosen't have to pick up the cheque.

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