26 August 2009

Alors, On y vas.

The semester is upon me.
I am already photoshopping the photos that will populate my portfolio.
The thesis dealing with balancing the formality of classical Italianate
theatrical architecture with in the confines of an intimate modern venue
is underway. Approved seating schedule, approved raised platform, And
approved use of a tropme l'oeil/ 3-d hybrid technique that I am quite
excited to try.

Have finally let go of the Baron situation.
It was an experiment, I figure, for both of us and it failed.
May I have more failures as fantastic as that adventure led me on.
Time to continue, many more pastures offering ever an ever greeen supply
of grass, right?

My role as secret keeper to friends and family has grown considerably.
More on that in about a month, maybe.

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