15 August 2009

unfortunate repetition

It's happened again.
Things went well for a while and then he vanishes mysteriously.
He would resurface from time to time via text message appologizing.

It leaves a void. Being left without a reason.
No benefit of not knowing what you did to prevent it from happening again.
Just a one line notification on a social networking site that he is now
in a relationship, something I was told was unwanted. Which I suppose makes
it even more surreal and still more odd that I feel as I do.

He's a good guy, I know.
He just found something more, I suppose.

Work is starting as far as my thesis is concerned.
Design meetings all week.
Words followed by ideas that turn into concepts.
Then come sketches and concept drawings. More meetings.
Changes and revisions. Keeping busy.

Trying to stay out of the bars, trying not to drink too much.
Trying to get out of the habit of smoking while drinking.
May as well reduce the drinking.
Trying not to make drinking a means of feeling better.

Not entirely too down though.
I've a new appreciation for mornings.
And cooking.


Blue Lace said...

Hey there,

I feel your pain. I can't seem find a nice guy either. Blah.

What are you getting your thesis on? Are you in grad school?

Also, if you're interested there's a pdf of the first issue of Blue Lace online here: http://tiny.cc/eNHKU

Blue Lace said...

Also, I probably should have signed my name.

It's Dominique (Frustrated Music Journo).

Good luck with everything :)

Serg Riva said...

what's the thesis on?

ricola said...

Dominique, Hows things? I am indeed in grad school and still wondering why despite being nearly done.

Serg, my thesis is a staged presentation of Tartuffe in one of the black box theatres at Tulane. Fingers crossed it comes out well.

Blue Lace said...

Things are going pretty well. Just published the first issue of BL (you can find a pdf on the blog). Pretty excited about it. I'll be graduating next December, so hopefully I'll be in grad school...eventually.

Good luck on your thesis. It sounds really awesome!!