28 September 2009

Finding Love in the age of the internet hookup

I am quite tired of being the second choice. Why must I always be relegated to serving as the reserve stock when what I offer is so much more than what is being offered. Within four months two guys decide that I'm not that great after all. A month ago, another decides that although he is not ready for a relationship he'd still like to have "relations," He then made it clear that he never wanted to see me again. Tonight I met not one, but three guys that were great until it became necessary for them to do the whole, "I like you, but you're not white." thing. One of whom was black.

I have the particular misfortune of being a romantic. I like dating. And making out and cuddling and the whole nine yards. Recently though, the guys I encounter are more interested in sticking it in than hanging out. Even more often, sticking it in multiple people.

Has romance in regard to finding a prospective love interest dissipated as a result of the ready availability of possible instant internet sexual gratification? I think it has. Not only online but in life as well, that increasingly ephemeral thing we all swim through daily.

How is it that everyone, seemingly everyone, is a couple or a scandalous ho bag? Surely there is a middle ground between serial dating and rampant ho-dom. So far it is a lonely part of the ocean I am swimming in. Occasionally meeting others who share the same view of a relationship but who don't quite connect on other levels, or worse are closet versions of the to mentioned afflictions.

What is the answer? submission? Celibacy? Cat farming?

* sorry for all those atrocious typos.
I blame it on the alcohol.


"Tommy" said...

Well... I would have hoped that we had progressed as a society, especially as gay men, not to have the stigma of racial oppression, we could be open to all relationships.

Your comment, in the first paragraph, leads me to believe that the old south, here in louisiana is not dead.

That the social stigma of dating a African American man is still around.

It saddens my heart, as a person, and as a gay man.

ricola said...

Nope. It's still quite alive and doing quite well.

I'm getting along though. Slow and steady wins the race, or alt least I should hope so.