20 December 2009

Quel'qes mots et plus des images

The move to New York is looming, the hesitancy to leave NOLA is growing.
Essentially I have a free pass into NYC, but am having trouble leaving
what I have come to know as a home and a family here. Starting the process
over is not very appealing. However, I will do it because I owe at least
that much to myself. And of course, as always, there is the guy I found.
Who is sweet and charming, and understands my schedule, but who I have
to leave after finding him two weeks ago. There is my fantastic house in
uptown, across from an old movie house and all else I've come to love.
Audubon Park full of live oaks, one a.m. runs on St.Charles avenue. Taxi
rides at seven am home from the quarter. Hot Toddies at the Columns Hotel
and fries fried in duck fat from Delachaise. A lot to miss, but hopefully
a lot to find. We shall see.

Words have been sparse lately.

1 comment:

jason said...

oooo...I so envy you!

(beautiful photos by the way)