17 January 2010

Cooling, is this?

Finally settling into this mad, mad town. After what seemed like an endless arrangement of dinners, lunches, brunches and drinks with a series of incredible people whom I can now see on a regular basis. My now engaged bestie from high school, a budding costume designer and a brilliant designer girl whose creativity is boundless included.

Managed to get a bit of work while I wait for Tulane Financial to work out its cluster fuck. Hung a series of enormous and heavy drapes for Naked Boys Singing at New World Stages, as well as focused lights for the York Theatre, which is buried deep beneath an Episcopal Catholic church. Episcopal Catholic...is that like all the spectacle with out the cardio based services? Also got a small illustrating commission which will come in handy seeing as my school is in a state of dysfunction, the likes of which I've not seen before.

what else...

Had my first bar 95$ bar tab. Not that that has not happened before, but usually it involves more than five drinks and more than one person. Well, a couple of people as I had to buy a few for strangers to get above the minimum. I think I will try out a bar diet of water for a bit. Both for my wallet and my liver, who is quite pleased with the move to NYC. The liver, not the wallet. Wallet is quite sad he can no longer support the lifestyle to which I was accustomed.

Enjoy the random camera phone pics. I need to find a new battery pac for my digi-cam.
Note to camera phone producers; a flash option is handy.

Earl Grey and handbag sketching at Le Pain Quotidien with Erin

Body Painting Aliens at Splash Bar

Night, Sunrise & Tea in SoHo

Colorado Rib Eye at Smith & Wollensky (two meals in one) with Leah

Friday at Amalia with Paulo. [note to self: sortir avec cash et attention]

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