06 January 2010


... frozen.

But now I have a title page for the thesis monster.
I also know what karaoke night at a tourist trap in times square is like,
and which coat will be getting the most wear.

(all of you reading in New York, I need recommendations of bars. Now. thanks)

Also. When did I get fat!!!!!
Christmas did a job on my body. Well, that and my horrific (forced) diet of fast food last semester. Forced because you can't really get organic take away at 2 am in New Orleans, or anywhere for that matter. And after a day of dealing with Tulane and build/strike/paint calls from noon to midnight the last thing you want to do is cook.
That and I've not bought proper groceries since before Halloween. I've resigned to buy a pair of trainers and a gym membership as soon as Aunt Sally pays me.

There is something therapeutic about a treadmill. Probably all the fat melting away.


jason said...

gee....I'm not in NY (alas) but I remember The Phoenix being interesting....good jukebox at least. I don't know if it's past its prime now, probably so.

designerman said...

you're in nyc? welcome! i live in brooklyn-there's a club called 'market hotel' where i got my most recent hit of inspiration

where have you been going where are you staying? it is freezing (obviously) so the street/night life is minimal. r