02 June 2010

parks & recreation

Bryant Park

A week and a half and no replies to any of my employment
inquiries. The hardest part of having an MFA is trying to
convince people in other fields that you are not a dolt.
But, alas what else is there to do but keep it up.
Everyday I wake up and apply to at least five postings,
another five by afternoon and usually the evenings bring
no other listings for scenic designers/artists/illustrators.
Store design, I suppose its more like display set up, has
crossed my mind but apparently those jobs are kept close
and under lock and key. Someone suggested temping, which
sounds great save for that I've never done anything like
that before, no idea what my WPM ratio is. Perhaps data
entry is more my speed. Truth be told I could be quite
happy in a 9-5 with benefits and nights and weekends free.
Theatre is great but its a lot of rush toward uncertainty,
which doesn't excite me as it used to do. Perhaps that's
due to the current constant outpouring of my savings

Still, despite my constant adaptation to living
this insane lifestyle I do still find myself enraptured
by this city. I'm quite fond of the parks in particular,
which I imagine to be the summer living rooms of New Yorkers
who, like me, live in apartments the size of tea cups.
A few blocks and you're on the lawn, surrounded sometimes by
fantastic buildings and more often by fantastic sunbathers.
Pick up a coffee and bring a book, because you are facing
an enormous case of stress induced drawers block, and
all is not as bad as it could be. That'd be next week when
we go hunting for the food pantry.