31 July 2010

Let's Get Lifted.

So yesterday I had the fortune of helping
carry a truckload of film equipment up to
third floor of an old school in the
East Village (Read, long flights of steps
between landings and no lift to speak of.)
I sincerely thought I would faint.
Lets not talk of how it lasted 4 hours.

Why am I doing this you ask?

In order to get a head in the door
for possible future work in film production
in the future. Will it work? It may kill me first.

The web page however is starting to work.
So far two requests for sold work and a commission have appeared.
The start of which is included in the photo train below.

Also thinking about getting more into photos...

speaking of photos:

The most amazing thing I saw at the Capsule Show.
This hooded jacket by Remi Relief out of Japan,
I hesitate to call it a hoodie because of it's awesomeness,
is made of soft indigo cotton knit with actual knit denim
detailing along the front bottom and hood.
God is in the details.

BarNine on 9th avenue & 53rd
My Monday night dive bar cravings are now satiated.
Also some quite nice acoustic and electric guitar
sets included in the weekly impromptu jam sessions.

Dinner last week at Le Cercle Rouge in Tribeca.
Amazing Steak Tartare, despite the tiny quails egg I was given.

Subway Platform inspiration:

mixed patterns downtown

an incredibly yellow tone poem uptown

The new drawing, in it's pupa stage.


jason said...

as always...the photos are so good.
Love that last drawing too.

Isn't it like a million degrees up there right now? At least that's how the news has been saying.
You're a better man than I am if you were out there for 4 hours up and down stairs doing manual labor like that. My hat's off to you.

ricola said...

Thanks as always Mr. Jason.
It was an adventure, that's for sure.
I thought I sweat a lot down there,
but that day made me my own private
swimming pool.

jason said...

I like that: "My Own Private Swimming Pool". Should be the title of something, don't you think?

ricola said...

Indeed. I think it should be the title of an actual pool in my apartment. :)

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