28 October 2010

The World Outside Exists

...but I'm not aware of it
Still ensconced in the land of make believe.
Wallenberg opens Saturday.
Which also happens to be my birthday.
I plan on getting a bit into my cups and
possibly hitting on some actors before
dragging myself onto Metro North back to
the city at one am. This show will conclude
the nine shows in three month spree.
Not sure what is next.
I'm sure some sleeping in is involved.

Still need a Halloween costume...
I'm thinking Mummy.

Quelques Photos...
Adorable, non?

Near the Flat Iron Building

Southern comfort dinner of Veuve Cliquot and Popeyes at 2am.


At work during Technical Rehersal at Wallenberg

Waiting for the train in Harlem

Night falling on the Upper East Side

An A for effort

The awesome Hobnail glass I did not buy last weekend at the flea market

1 comment:

jason said...

I'm not sure which is cuter, that pig or that popeyes.

But happy pre-birthday! I'll raise a bisquit to you!