13 October 2010

Evenements Recents

One day,after buying a steel bar cart
at a flea market and wheeling it
20 blocks to another flea market
my dear friend Leah and I
waited 2 hours for a van cab
to appear. Specifically, an empty
van cab, unfilled with single
costumed people from Comicon.
While wrestling it into the back
of the van, the silvered glass
top toppled to the street, simultaneously
shattering and freaking out the driver
who demanded we remove oue cart and let
her get on her way to pick up
some solitary superman somewhere else.
This is where we decided to suck it up and
haul our dear meter high by meter wide
cart into the subway. During rush hour.
This is what my life has been like
for about two weeks.

I've also become aware that I'm on
a new diet that involves
walking 80 blocks a day and
eating one high calorie meal a day
with several cups of tea.

and now...Pictures.

The aforementioned bar cart.

The old Shake Shack in Madison Park.

Diet food.

Moet & Chandon with Moroccan street fare.

Very attractive gay nerd on N train.

The best Antique shop in Chelsea, Olde Good Things.

the screaming installation.

Turntable goodness

The Cinderella Table

Got Pork Slapped at Rudy's

Opening night of Love Divided at Theatre Row.
Joel Gray attended wearing a red D-Squared Blazer and cargo pants.

A T-shirt illustration for the It Gets Better campaign.

Vintage Italian guns at Wallenberg rehersal

Glow Vigil for Gay Suicides at Washington Square Park.


jason said...

I like your diet. I just need to start walking 80 New York blocks a day.

And you have the coolest inside of a refrigerator I've seen.

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Cool photos.
Thats good living right there.