22 November 2010

Where I've been...

After opening Wallenberg in White Plains, NY,
I returned to NYC to have a very brief Halloween
and quickly shop (4 days) for a tiny musical called
Only A Kingdom. After that I flew down to New Orleans
for a mini break (aka, a bender), then drove with my
housemate from NOLA to Pittsburgh to clean up her late
mothers property. This was difficult as it turns out
Mum was a hoarder. With cats. There was a cat room.
I repeat. Cat Room. Enough said.
We then drove back to NYC, where the next day we
returned to White Plains to close Wallenburg.
And here I sit at the end of it, snug in bed in Astoria.
Tired with a few extra pounds, wary of having too much
stuff and warier of having to scrape animal poo off
of a hardwood floor.

Quelues Photos:

Brooke Sheilds in the Lobby of a cinema on 50th & 3rd Avenue, NYC

Cosmonaut Luau at the Saturn Bar, New Orleans

Plants on the Balcony, Satsumas from the yard, Wine from Lunch. New Orleans

My and my particle mask, Pittsburgh

Rural Pennsylvania en route from Pittsburgh to NYC


designerman said...

so good to hear from you. let's touch base after thanksgiving. how are you?

jason said...

I kind of love that wall paper.
And think that the Brooke Shields would look great against it.

Is that so wrong?
Never mind.