01 May 2011

Less than ex-static process

Hi there, those of you out
there,somewhere. Possibly.

Not been posting lately
as there has not been
anything really post-worthy
happening 'round these parts.

I do have a few pics from wandering though:

The Alexander McQueen 14th Street Window.
Tuesday I will be going as a guest to the
preview of the McQueen Retrospective at
the Met. That will be a post worthy event.

My Mid-century finds on stage at Benefactors at Theatre Row.

Scenic painting for Tomorrow Morning at The York Theatre.
Making Home Depot grade plywood look like Laminate is
an undertaking I'd rather not relive. Ever. looked good though.
That and standing atop 20 foot ladders painting inch wide, inch
gapped planks of slatted lumber.

The Monsters chandelier and The Townhouses stairwell.

Spring comes at last to Madison Park

A Steinway Grand on stage at an Alesio Bax recital at Lincoln Center.

Africa or Midtown? Flashbacks at the Annex Flea Market in Chelsea.
Yes, Chelsea.

Vintage delivery Bicycles at Sea Breeze Seafood Market in Hells Kitchen.

The Music Inn in the West Village.
Imagine a small room, two small
rooms really, filled floor to ceiling
with all the fine equipment used to
create ambient world music. Beautiful.
Also there were two guys downstairs in
the workshop making violins when the
owner took me down to hunt for the
single tone chime I was looking for.


Michael Rivers said...

Amazing pics!

jason said...

these are wonderful...as always. I love the one of the bicycles particularly...oh, and those drums!
Can't wait to hear about the McQueen scene.

Jessie Brown said...

This is what I always imagined NY shops to be like. All sorts of amazing crap everywhere and some super eccentric shop keeper who keeps you from leaving while he is talking on and on about the pegs on harps