02 June 2011

I no longer understand

Hey there.
It's been a bit hasn't it?
Some things have happened,
some resolutions and some
evolutions I suppose. I
managed to fend off the
attack of the crimson crocheted
menace that was plaguing my soul
only to be confronted with a lovely
bout of long dormant hand eczema.
For those of you not in the know,
this is caused by a variety of
triggers; Unhealthy foods, alcohol,
poor sleep and stress being among them.
So, of course, I was screwed.
I sit here typing to you with what
appear to be the hands of a burn victim with
the flu. Yes, the flu.
I can no longer hold a pencil due to discomfort
and hence an am unable to complete commissions
of drawings. On a bright note I have gotten
up to speed on both True Blood and Game of Thrones,
and have managed to shake nearly all that pesky
firmness from my bum that I never liked anyway.

Still, despite being seen as a leper every time
I board the train I have managed to get out and snap
some decent pics of my adventures as a dermatological
horror show. PS, cross your fingers. I'm getting my
first ever biopsy tomorrow as the terror on my hands
has not responded to treatment. Enough nightmare inducing
though. Lets look at nice things and good people.

recent events:

Spring landed in Bryant Park

I got sick on Mint Juleps watching the derby in Chelsea.
Also discovered that Derby pie is really a giant cookie.

The Butterfly Hat from McQueen's collection after Izzy Blow's suicide,
on display at the Met's Fantastic and Monumental presentation.

Cookies for breakfast.

Biscuts from an old recepie. Do Try.

Lunch @ Coffee Shop. Not so great Fish & Chips, great tile.

Ended up in ABC Home again. This place has become a regular
place to go when I'm down. Like Holly had Tiffany's. I suppose
haute bourgoise chaises are my diamonds? That or Tufting.

This love chair is awesome.

As are the indian patterned modernist pieces.

Ashley finds a moustache.

1 comment:

jason said...

oh goodness....I do hope you're doing better soon. Seriously.
Fingers crossed for you.

Oh, and I think I may just need to have cookies for breakfast on that couch.