12 June 2011

Where I've been...

The Build up of stress proved too much to deal with.
So I took up an offer to visit my best friend from
undergrad and her family at a lovely house in the forest.
What followed was a very much needed respite from my
present existence. Five days of trees, water, sun and
cooking from scratch. Throw in some lovely babies with
an affinity for hand bells and about four dozen cookies
and you get some idea of this lil' slice-o-heaven.

I will be doing my best to return next year. And am
kicking myself for being too busy the past few years
to go. Stupid work.

I also learned some life lessons from a one year old.
They are as follows:

1. Say no often and mean it. Even if you want to say yes.
2. Guard your property with a vengance.
3. If your 'no' is not well received, scream until it is.

And now some pictures.


jason said...

That does sound idyllic indeed.

I'm still trying to learn that baby's lessons myself actually.

numerocuatro said...

this looks extremely pretty.

Jessie Brown said...

These pics are super dreamy and romantic