20 December 2011

Et maintennant, la froideur...

From the depths of despair I return.
I am so incredibly broke/without resources/jobless
presently it's a little stunning. Seriously stunning
actually. Still, what can I do but keep going on.
Wake up, online job search over tea, resume tweaking
over tea. Edit the portfolios before dinner.
Oatmeal for dinner.

I might be designing a really huge show soon.
But the production company is quite secretive
and really bad at communicating. So we'll see.
I have a partial cast list, but I am not allowed
to tell you who is in it yet. Soon Hopefully.
Hopefully I can get a contract out of them so
I can return to my life.

It's cold here, and kinda hard to live.
But I still happen to like New York.

I've discovered I can be an optimist.

Quelques Photos...des choses un peu chaud:


jason said...

My fingers are crossed for you.

jason said...
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