12 December 2008

Icky Thump

I finished my third semester of torture at Tulane yesterday. This involved me staying awake for 38 hours while I made up for some serious procrastinating, which may have involved me coming home on two separate occasions long past the next morning.
The fall gallery was tolerable if not quite beautiful this time around. I was given fantastic feed back, and ignored completely by the devil incarnate costuming "professor and his protogee. Which is fine with me. Melissa and I skipped out after reviews and had fantastic japanese next to the sno-cone shop that might just be a front for a crack den. Then I went home and slept before waking up at ten to hang out with Mel again at One Eyed Jack's where she was the object of a very persistent young man.

Am very much looking forward to holiday travel this time around. I can't remember the last time I flew with my mum.

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