14 December 2008

On the menu today...


I went to a birthday party for one of Dennis' best friends last night in Algeirs. Which was nice. I got poured full of beer and mind blowing brownies and canoli. Dennis proceeded to ignore me for the rest of the night, mostly after his new guy arrived. (Might I add that he is beautiful and there is no way I can even compete (and to whom I was pointedly unintroduced.)) So I hung out with the other guests, lots of super friendly lesbians who taught me to throw darts underhand. Also a couple of other guys I know were there so it was less awkward than it could've been.

Having called the taxi service early out of allowance for it to make the trip across the river, I was outside smoking in shame when it arrived. I ran back in and said good bye to everyone I'd talked to, except D. Petty, yes. Rude, Absolutely. Despite how I felt I was treated I should've made the effort to find him and say goodnight. I feel quite sucky about what I did. We shall see what the reprocusions will be.

Think before acting, think before acting, think before acting.
You can not blame all of your errors in judgement on sweets and alcohol.

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